Hello and welcome to the home of the 2020 Official Minnesota Cross Country Championships Site!

Marathon Adventures is excited to be partnering with the Champlin Park High School Cross Country Running Booster Club to host this event.  This event will be open to the top 2 teams from each sectional race along with the top 8 individuals not from a qualifying team.  Teams and runners will receive special codes to register with, once registration is open.  Registration will open on Wednesday October 21, 2020.


Location: The race will be hosted in the Twin Cities Metro Area.

Date: The date is Saturday November 7, 2020.

Times: Large School Division Girls will run at 9:00 a.m.; Large School Division Boys will run at 11:00 a.m.; Small School Division Girls will run at 1:00 p.m.; Small School Division Boys will run at 3;00 p.m.

Safety Protocols: UPDATED: We are attempting to arrange to have an on-site Covid-19 testing vendor administer rapid tests to runners 1 hour before their race time (the cost of the test will be the runner’s responsibility).   The goal would be to have results provided no later than 30 minutes prior to racing.  If a team runner tests positive, then one of 2 alternates may take their place, assuming they test negative.  If an individual runner tests positive, they will be ineligible to run.

In addition, teams will be set up on one half of the facility spaced out with plenty of distance between camps.  Individual runners will have their own separate warm up/camp area.

Runners will be required to wear masks to the start line and until the start gun sounds.

Teams will be able to line up together in their starting corral, but will start in a single file line.  Teams will be spaced out from other teams by 6 feet.  Individuals will start in a double file line in a starting corral between their two qualifying section teams.  The individuals will be spaced out 6 feet apart from all other runners.

Upon finishing the race, runners will be escorted through the finish chute back to the team/individual warm-up areas.

Course Design:  We have been in consultation with one of MN premiere course designers and will be announcing a new and proprietary course design that will allow up to 175 runners to compete at that same time, while we believe that the meet will adhere to all MDH guidelines (we will be discussing the course design with the MDH on Thursday October 21, 2020 to receive approval).  This proprietary course design (The MA XC Race Course) will help revolutionize cross country meets during these Covid times.

Awards:  Team awards along with medals will be presented to the top 3 finishing teams from each race.  Individual medals will be presented to the top 10 runners in each race.  Runners finishing in the top 30 will receive All-State Certificates.

Registration: Once Registration opens we will have a link here.

Live Streaming: We are in contact with a company to live stream the races from multiple vantage points, including a lead race vehicle, as we will not be able to have any spectators on the course, other than coaches.

Swag: We are working with vendors to provide an on-line swag ordering system to purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats and other items normally available at the State CC Meet.