Lt. Col – Rachael Hoagland – Adventure Director

Rachael HoagieRachael Hoagland originally hails from New York, but currently resides in Seattle, Washington where she is a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army.  Rachael competed at the collegiate level before turning her sights on the Marathon. To date, Rachael has completed over 35 marathons on 5 of 7 continents and in half of the 50 States.  She is a member of the Marathon Maniacs, The Official 7 Continents Marathon, 1/2 Marathon & Ultra Club, and 50 States Marathon Club.

Rachael is a three-time Marathon Adventure alum, having completed the inaugural White Continent Marathon/Punta Arenas Marathon double header in 2013 and returned for the 2014 WCM and she completed inaugural Triple 7 Quest in 2015.

Rachael has served three times as a guide — 2014 Sydney, 2014 Berlin and 2015 White Continent 50k, Marathon & 1/2 Marathon.  She has since been promoted to Adventure Director.  At the 2014 Sydney Marathon Adventure, Rachael developed and directed the Hoagie Down Under 10k, which is a fun run around Ayer’s Rock.  Each year we travel to the Sydney Marathon, we also offer the Hoagie Down Under 10k.

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