Tye Irvin – Adventure Director

Tye Irvin hails from Springfield, Missouri.  Tye has completed over 40 marathons working towards running one in all 50 states, D.C. and on all 8 continents.  Tye is a two-time Marathon Adventures Alum, having joined us for the 2019 Berlin Marathon and 2020 Xenia Avenue Marathon.

Tye has served as Adventure Director for the 2019-2023 White Continent Marathon, where she was the Co-Race Director in charge of managing the time and organization of both the WCM and Punta Arenas Marathons.  Tye also served as Adventure Director for the 2021 Berlin Marathon.

Tye is a successful realtor in the Springfield/Republic, Missouri region.  When Tye isn’t working, she enjoys running with her husband around the world.

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